Step 1

cultivate your look

With in-depth research into the latest trends Wretch and Rascal have put together 6 key looks. All are designed to be able to sit along side any color palette and dovetail perfectly with any existing ideas. Remember you can hire as much or as little as you like from one of the following looks or elements from more than one.

“let’s create something magical”
Rich and beautiful

Fairytale Wedding Theme

A darker take on the fluffy and pink assumption. A medieval banquet of sorts with slate, metalware and oversized table candles set against hardy English staple flora.

With this package you’ll receive:

  • Fairytale props for dressing venue
  • Themed wedding stationary
  • Fairytale flowers
  • Inspired glass and tableware to compliment theme

Matching Extras

  • Fairytale Wedding Stationary

  • Fairytale Wedding flowers

  • Fairytale Wedding prop dressing